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Garden Starter Box

$50.00 / each

"To plant a garden, is to believe in tomorrow" - Audrey Hepburn

It's amazing what still grows in winter. As long as you have sun in your growing area and it isn't too swampy, these seedlings will grow. All our plants are lovingly seeded by hand - no machines, false heating or light. 

These seedlings will be ready for harvest in spring. The leafy vegetables, herbs and some flowers will be ready 3-4 weeks from transplanting even in winter. Here is an idea of what you will receive




curly parsley

italian parsley



3 x broccoli 

3 x cabbage

3 x pak choi

4 x lettuce 

2 x mesclun

2 x rocket

3 x beetroot

2 x rainbow

2 x spinach 

2 x kale 

4 x peas 

1 x celery

6 x spring onions

2 x fennel

2 x watercress

We will have the warmer season seedlings ready from mid september - that's depending on the weather! Tomatoes, capsicums, beans, cucumbers, basil, sage, chillis, courgettes and many more. 

Tips for your winter garden
  • Watch out for the very hungry slugs and snails - lay coffee grounds around your seedlings (this also adds a boost of nitrogen to the soil) - many cafes give used coffee grounds away for free. Also try crushed egg shells, dried rolled oats or even lay tin foil
  • Use a liquid fertilizer once a week - with the soil temperature colder it is harder for the seedlings to absorb the nutrients it needs whereas an organic liquid fertilizer can be absorbed more easily
  • Careful not to over water your plants - you may find you only need to water 2-3 times a week in winter. If the soil seems wet, check back the next day or two

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