Spring Watercress Salad

Spring Watercress Salad

Our watercress is delicious at the moment.  We love this receipe by Annabel Langbein!

10 handfuls watercress, stems removed (click HERE to order a vege box with watercress)
flesh of 3 oranges, cut into segments, pith removed
2 large, just-ripe avocados, cut into chunks
¼ recipe Cashew Mustard Dressing (on Annabel Langbein's website - link below)

Place watercress, orange segments and avocados in a large bowl. Squeeze the juices from the orange shells over the salad and toss gently to combine. Drizzle with Cashew Mustard Dressing. Divide between 8 serving plates and serve immediately.

View the receipe on Annabel Langbein's website HERE