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Seasonal Veggie Seedling Box - Medium Photos are an indication of the product only.

Seasonal Veggie Seedling Box - Medium

$45.00 / each

$53 worth of seedlings for $45

"To plant a garden, is to believe in tomorrow" - Audrey Hepburn

All our plants are lovingly seeded by hand - no machines, false heating or light. 

This box may suit a family of 2-4 people. Here is an idea of what you will receive. It will vary week to week

4 x Broccoli

3 x Cabbage

4 x Pak Choi

6 x Lettuce

4 x Rocket

4 x Mesclun

6 x Beetroot

2 x Rainbow

2 x Green Silverbeet

2 x Spinach

2 x Perpetual Spinach

2 x Kale

4 x Peas

6 x Spring Onions

4 x Dwarf Beans

2 x Cucumber

2 x Celery

2 x Bushing Tomato

1 x Courgette

Gardening tips:
  • Watch out for the very hungry slugs and snails - lay coffee grounds around your seedlings (this also adds a boost of nitrogen to the soil) - many cafes give used coffee grounds away for free. Also try crushed egg shells, dried rolled oats or even lay tin foil
  • Use a liquid fertilizer once a week - with the soil temperature colder it is harder for the seedlings to absorb the nutrients it needs whereas an organic liquid fertilizer can be absorbed more easily
  • Careful not to over water your plants - this will vary as the seasons change. If the soil seems wet, check back the next day or two

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