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Tomato Seedling - 6 plants, bushing Photos are an indication of the product only.

Tomato Seedling - 6 plants, bushing

$25.00 / each

A mixture of 6 bushing tomato plants. 

Easy to grow as no staking or lateraling. The Tumbling Toms are best grown in pots. 

Plant your tomatoes before Labour Weekend for a summer harvest.

Tips to growing bushing tomatoes:

Plant deep to the first set of leaves. 

Make sure the plant doesn't dry out as the weather warms. Use a liquid fertiliser once a week. Increase to 3 times a week from December/January. 

Regularly spray with neem oil to help with white fly. And a seaweed spray to help with bacteria. 

Marigolds and basil are great companion plants. They help keep bugs off the tomato plant. 

Remove the older yellowing leaves with a sterilised knife. 


No plastic packaging, we use and reuse the pots as a growing medium. We remove the pot before packing. 

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